Barb Shearer-Jones, Life Supports counsellor in Empire Bay, Central Coast

Barb Shearer-Jones

Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Human Services

Member of ACA

Barb is an accomplished counsellor with over 10 years of experience. As a member of the Australian Counselling Association, Barb has experience in both private practice and the not-for-profit sector working with a range of individual clients and couples. Barb has a lovely, warm, empathic approach that makes her clients feel welcomed, safe and confident in seeking counselling support with her.

Barb believes strongly in the power of connecting and listening deeply with compassion and non-judgement, to enable clients to find greater understanding of their issues and concerns. Barb’s aim and focus is to establish a strong working alliance with you, so that you are more able to make the changes you would like to see. Through this collaborative exploration of your concerns and challenges, you will be able to tap into your inner strength, and bring about positive growth, greater resilience, wellbeing and happiness.

Each session with Barb meets the client where they are, in a wholistic person-centred way. Barb draws on contemporary approaches of counselling including Emotion-Focused Therapy, Trauma-Informed Practice, Body-Focused Practice, Mindfulness, Creative Therapies and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to support the clients desire for change and self-empowerment. 

Barb Shearer-Jones has appointments available in the following location: Central Coast