Avanti Singh - Life Supports Counsellor

Avanti Singh

Master of Psychology
Bachelor of Psychology  



  • Medicare
  • Mental Health Care Plan

Avanti Singh is a highly skilled, empathic psychologist with over 18 years of counselling experience. She is a member of the Australian Psychology Society, and is also registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Avanti’s professional counselling experience spans the corporate and community sectors, as well as private practice. She specialises in working with individuals, couples and families.

Avanti is warm, engaging and respectful. She teaches her clients practical tools and strategies to use in daily life that increase awareness and resilience. Avanti helps her clients to recognise the underlying belief systems and patterns that are causing them stress and strain. Working collaboratively, Avanti supports her clients to set goals and implement plans that help them safely navigate critical and transitional periods. With awareness comes change; Avanti is committed to helping her clients find meaning, purpose, and fulfil their potential on all levels of being.

Avanti draws on a number of effective counselling methods in her practice. She uses an integrated approach, and tailors sessions to meet each client’s unique needs and circumstances. The therapeutic techniques that Avanti uses include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness Based Therapy. She also provides clients with the tools to increase self-awareness and identify negative belief systems, body awareness practices, stress management, emotional regulation and resilience practices. 

Avanti Singh has appointments available in the following location: Rosebery