Angela Gifford- Life Supports counsellor in West Busselton

Angela Gifford

Master of Counselling

Member of PACFA and CCAA

Angela is a qualified, knowledgeable and extensively trained Counsellor, holding a Masters Degree in Counselling as well as in Education.  She is passionate about seeing people become ‘unstuck’ from the problems that can beset their lives and helps them in an empathetic way to overcome their obstacles and roadblocks.  Seeing each person as a ‘beautiful sunset’, rather than a ‘problem to be solved’ has given her a perspective that taps into her clients’ values and desires for change and growth. Through insightful listening Angela is able to work collaboratively with her clients, using outcome focused resources to enable them to move confidently towards what is a rich and meaningful life for them. 

Angela believes that whether we like it or not, who we are today is significantly shaped by our past experiences, choices and relationships. She has found that identifying and releasing the unhelpful, outworn patterns, stories and scripts of what is no longer serving her clients well is powerful. It provides a great starting point to creating the new experiences and changes desired by the client.

From Angela’s perspective, each of us has a strong ‘inner core’ which is well resourced with innate wisdom.  Once uncovered and given its ‘voice’, Angela helps the client navigate change purposefully whilst being supported within a safe environment. Clients are able to gain fresh awareness and insights which guide them to make new choices  and move intentionally towards their desired life goals and plans in alignment with their values.

Using a number of therapeutic approaches, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy  and Psychodynamic Techniques, Angela works from an integrative perspective  tailored to her clients’ personal needs. This means her counselling approach is multi-faceted.  Apart from psychological issues the client may choose to explore in counselling sessions, she also pays attention to what is happening in other aspects of her clients’ lives, often exploring Diet and Nutrition, Biological and Medical aspects, Lifestyle and Environment and Spiritual and Social Dimensions as they arise.

Angela Gifford has appointments available in the following location: Busselton