Evidence-based counselling must have high standards of practice and ethics in order to safeguard the public from harm. These ethical standards must then be adhered to and upheld in order to advance the professions of psychology & counselling and to maintain accountability for ethical conduct by professionals.

Clients have certain rights when engaging in private, professional counselling that must be upheld and safeguarded by accredited therapists. 

All Life Supports-accredited therapists adhere to their specific regulatory bodies’ codes of ethics for professional practice. These codes allow rights for clients as well as conduct guidance for professionals in these settings. The regulatory bodies to whom Life Supports accredited therapists adhere to are individual according to their professional qualifications and memberships. You can read them here:

  • For accredited Social workers – AASW
  • For board registered psychologists – APS 
  • For allied health professionals (including board registered psychologists and occupational therapists) – AHPRA codes of ethics.

As an integrated network of many professions, Life Supports support and adhere to the regulation of these codes of ethics by their specific regulatory bodies. 

Client Rights

Life Supports maintain high standards of conduct in order to promote a culture of fair, respectful and ethical behaviour. All clients engaging with Life Supports professionals have rights to safety, respect and ethical conduct while engaging in counselling.

Clients have the right to:

  • Be informed about the confidentiality and protection of their information
  • Be treated with respect and fairness
  • Have their cultural backgrounds respected and 
  • To have clarity and transparency of information to make informed decisions
  • To be safe from unfair discrimination, including but not limited to their social, economic, racial, religious or cultural status 
  • The right to fair and transparent complaints and feedback process

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