Anger Management Counselling Melbourne

Learn to control your anger – before it controls you

We all get angry from time to time. We all know the feeling of doing or saying things in the heat of the moment that we bitterly regret afterwards. For some people, anger is an all-too-common feeling that can quickly spiral out of control.

When that happens, it takes a strong mind to admit that they need help to take back control of their anger.

What is anger?

Primary anger is a perfectly normal human emotion that can often be an appropriate and healthy response to being attacked physically or emotionally. It’s a call to action and releasing this anger can be a useful defensive tool.

However, sometimes anger can become constant and overpowering. This is called secondary anger; when the emotion starts to control you and becomes a destructive force against everything you care about.

When anger spirals out of control

Usually anger is just a fleeting emotion, like blasting the car horn at someone who cuts you off. Once you express your annoyance, you move on. However, for some people, small incidents can result in inappropriate anger being expressed in an unsafe way, which can then lead to someone getting physically or emotionally hurt.

Yet you can do something about it.

Anger management – Take back control

Life Supports anger management counselling in Melbourne offers you the support and tools you need to change your attitude towards anger. The Life Supports accredited counsellors and psychologists can help you understand where your anger stems from and to identify possible emotional triggers. Then, together, we can work towards reversing the process to help you to change your pattern of behaviour.

Anger management counselling Melbourne

If you find yourself having regular screaming fits at the kids, losing your temper with strangers, letting ‘little things’ make you lose control, or you’re simply aware that you react with more anger than you need to – then you may benefit from working with one of our accredited Melbourne Counsellors who work in anger management.

You will be paired with a qualified Life Supports accredited counsellor or psychologist who will explore the issues surrounding your anger and take whatever action is needed to find a better way forward.

Anger management courses

If your anger has escalated to a point beyond your control, resulting in violent behaviour, then we offer an intensive 6- to 12-week Anger Management Course. You will be teamed up with a Life Supports accredited counsellor or psychologist, experienced in anger management, to help enable you to regain control of your emotions.

You will be taught the skills you need to recognise your emotional triggers and to change your behavioural responses. The Anger Management Course focuses on you, as an individual. You will learn how to confidently tackle trigger scenarios and break the destructive cycle.

Not being in control of your own emotions can be a frightening and scary concept.

Anger management counselling encourages you to tackle your issues head on with courage, strength and determination.

The Life Supports team will also be happy to provide you with a letter of participation for our anger management course or anger management counselling, if needed for court purposes.

Take your first step towards making real change in your life.

Feel free to take a look at the Life Supports network of Counsellors and Psychologists and if there is one you think you would be most comfortable with, just inform our receptionist when you call and we’ll try to accommodate your request.

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